Additional Rental Items

White Pelican Home Services offers additional items for rent for our tenants during their stay. We offer items such as bicycles, roll-away beds, inflatable mattresses for additional guests and more. See our items and applicable rates below and contact us at 352-388-3738 about rental additions today!

Boy’s Bicycle 5-speed beach cruiser type $25 $125
Girl’s Bicycle 5-speed beach cruiser type $25 $125
Men’s Bicycle 15-speed Hybrid type $25 $125
Women’s Bicycle 15-speed Hybrid type $25 $125
Infant Pack & Play crib/play pen $15 $125
Infant Highchair $15 $125
Infant Booster Seat $15 $125
Twin size Air Mattress with sheets set $25 $125
Queen Size Air Mattress with sheets set $25 $125
Roll-a-Way Bed with sheets set $25 $125
Additional items coming soon. daily minimum rental rates may apply. items may be limited at certain times, items may differ from photos below, please call ahead for questions or further details. view rental items below and let us know of any items we could rent to you for your stay.

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booster chair

Girl’s beach bicycle

infant playpen/crib

boy’s beach bicycle

women’s hybrid bicycle

inflatable mattress

men’s hybrid bicycle

infant highchair

rollaway bed