Concierge Home Services

Our concierge home services offer a variety of top-notch professional services to help aid homeowners in The Villages® Communities and surrounding areas. We truly care about you, your home, your safety, and your comfort. You may find one or several of our home services helpful while living in Central Florida. Whether you already know you would like help around the home or if you find yourself in a bind, simply save our number in your phone. We provide a quick response time that you can count on and provide 24/7 support for emergency services.

Residential Cleaning / Housekeeping Services

woman holding spray bottle with pink gloves with blue backgroundWhen you hire White Pelican to help maintain your home’s cleanliness and sanitization, you can expect a professional, trustworthy, and friendly cleaning crew to come to your home. We want you to feel comfortable in your home while we service you; that’s why we hire and train only the best members of the local community.  We hold our staff to a high standard of clear communication, customer service, and integrity. Whether you would like your home cleaned on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, we work hard to keep your home looking good and sanitized. Relax with the peace of mind knowing your home is in good hands while we take care of those dirty little to-dos on your list with our quality home services. Learn more about our Housekeeping Services.

Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services

As a business owner, you have a multitude of items to handle to keep your business operating smoothly. Maintaining a clean and safe work environment is of the utmost concern to your staff and customers.  Rest assured that our staff is trained to handle your company’s individual needs. You can count on White Pelican’s janitorial crew to be punctual, hardworking, and respectful of your work environment when helping maintain your business’s cleanliness. Our crew is held to a high standard of quality customer service and integrity, so regardless if we are there after hours or during your normal business hours, your staff and customers will feel comfortable and respected by our crew. Whether you request our standard commercial clean to cover the sanitization basics (vacuuming, dusting, restroom sanitation, etc.) or our more detailed services (contamination and disinfection deep cleaning, window washing, carpet cleaning, pressure washing, etc.), we can fit your needs and timeline with our numerous office and home services. Learn more about our Office Cleaning and Commercial Janitorial Services

Golf Cart Rescue Service

As a resident in The Villages® Communities, golf carts are largely used whether on the green, driving to visit a neighbor, shopping and dining, or for a nice afternoon cruise. Golf carts are a reliable means of transportation, but sometimes things fall outside of your control. Don’t be caught standing beside your immovable cart while the sun’s beating down, trying to find a way home. You’ll never feel stranded when counting on White Pelican’s Golf Cart Rescue service. Our customers are our number one priority, and we never want you to feel alone during a transportation situation. We are equipped to handle pick-ups and delivery. In some cases, we can perform home services and maintenance at your location. Keep our info handy in your cart so you can have peace of mind wherever you go. Learn more about our Golf Cart Rescue Services.

Golf Cart Transportation Service

A golf cart is a wonderful and convenient means of transportation in Central Florida but owning one doesn’t mean you have the means to move your cart on your own.  You may not own a vehicle that can bear the weight, aren’t comfortable driving with a trailer, or have a greater distance to move your cart than you would like to do yourself. While golf carts are not particularly large motor vehicles, they do require the proper handling and care to make sure they go unharmed when moving from one location to the next. Whether you would prefer enclosed container transportation or an open trailer, we can fit your unique needs when moving your golf cart. White Pelican takes the utmost care for your cart while in transport so you can have a worry-free move. Call us or message us to get a price quote, schedule your pick-up and delivery date, and your moving preferences. Whether you need to move your cart to a country club, are moving residences, or are bringing it to or from the cart dealership, we can assist with all your Golf Cart Transportation needs.

Home Watch Services

Are you going to be traveling for an extended period or going back north for the summer? Would you like to know your home in The Villages® Communities is safe while you are away? White Pelican offers a variety of home services including Home Watch Services to ensure that your home is under the same care and scrutiny when you are away as if you were here keeping an eye on things yourself. We come to your home twice a month and perform visual inspections of your property to identify any obvious issues that you should be aware of during your travels. Our professionals are trained to inspect the entire exterior of your home and property for any signs of damage, provide a complete and detailed inspection report to you, and have the ability to schedule licensed professionals to promptly perform any needed maintenance or repairs in your absence. Whether this is your second residence, a vacation home, or investment property, you can count on White Pelican’s Home Watch team and home services.

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