White Pelican’s Professional Realty Services

Looking to buy or sell a home in The Villages® Communities and need assistance? White Pelican’s professional realty services are the perfect match for you and your realty needs! We offer new listings for those who are looking to buy a home, sales services if you are selling a home, and property management services for all the things in between. When it comes to real estate in The Villages® Communities, there isn’t a more knowledgeable and helpful professional realty company than White Pelican.

Selling a Home in The Villages® Communities

woman holding a home in her handsIf you are selling a home in The Villages® Communities, you need a real estate agent that is dedicated to making sure you get your money’s worth and will line up the right home buyer. With our professional realty services, you will be happy to know that our real estate agents have a tool belt full of all the best ways to sell your home.

Realty Marketing Services

At White Pelican, we couple our personal realty service with top-notch technology to market your listing worldwide to give your home the most exposure to potential home buyers. Some of our marketing techniques include 3D Tours of the home, Short and Long Form Videos, Aerial and Traditional Photography of the property, numerous data distribution platforms to get your listing out there including social media, and an assortment of advertising mediums. When you employ our professional realty services, you will be thrilled to know that your home will be properly marketed and advertised online and on the ground.

Full-Service Property Management When Selling a Home

At White Pelican, we provide primarily residential property management for lease terms of 7 months and more. Our residential inventory consists of furnished properties and we offer tenant turn over support and make ready services for incoming property owners. Whether you are nearby or states away, you can rest with peace of mind that your property management team is keeping your property in the best condition.

Professional Consulting Services

Whether you are interested in real estate development opportunities, real estate investment portfolios, or our turn around services, we can provide consulting and hands-on assistance in all these areas and more with our professional realty services.

Working with a Real Estate Broker When Selling A Home in The Villages® Communities

White Pelican’s professional realty services go above and beyond the normal call of duty when selling a home because you aren’t working with just a real estate agent, you work with a dedicated real estate broker as well. Your real estate broker is in charge of making sure your property is listed to its fullest glory and will work with several realtors to make sure the right agent is handling your property and home buyer. Working with a real estate broker also helps when it comes to closing time, as they are experienced in closings and can smooth the entire process start to finish by working with a closing attorney.

Meet Our Real Estate Broker: Martha Rivera Hoffman

Martha has been on all sides of the closing table, for over 20 years. Martha established herself by developing, managing, and representing Luxury Hi-Rise Condo Projects, Exclusive Condo Units, Deed Restricted Community Projects, Executive Residences, and Waterfront Real Estate. Growing Martha’s practice included Investment Properties and Portfolios, Business Brokerage, and Aviation Properties. Martha and her team are delighted to provide you with the best professional realty services in The Villages® Communities.

Meet Our Closing Attorney: Judit Karpati, Esquire.

Closing services are offered not only for our in-house listings but also for outside Brokerage Listings and For Sale By Owners as well. Judit pays expert attention ensuring the contract and the closing documents are executed by the appropriately authorized individuals, such as business entities, trusts, estates, and powers of attorney. Judit personally oversees the closing process, charging competitive closing fees to those charged by title companies, using title agents.

Get the Process Started Today & Sell Your Home

Interested in seeking our professional realty services to expedite the marketing, selling, and closing process? Fill out a form here and one of our team members will reach out to you shortly!

Buy A Home in The Villages® Communities

When it comes to buying a home in The Villages® Communities, it can be a bit overwhelming with all the home options, communities, locations, HOAs, and so much more to consider. Don’t feel like you are alone in this process, retiring in Florida is the dream! So, don’t get stressed out by trying to navigate these new waters all on your own. Whether you are just starting to look or you are ready to make significant moves, contact us today on the form on the side of the page and get your personal relationship with one of our many qualified realtors that are dedicated to helping you move to The Villages® Communities started today. Want to just look around at our listings before contacting a realtor? Check out all of our available properties in The Villages® Communities.

Benefits of White Pelican’s Professional Realty Services

Whether you are looking to buy a home or are selling a home, your entire experience is both personal and professional. Our real estate agents, real estate brokers, and attorneys are the best in the business and are dedicated to making sure all your unique home buying and selling needs are meet and that you are thoroughly satisfied throughout the whole process. From working with a real estate agent to find the perfect home to buy to find the perfect home buyers, to working with our real estate broker to ensure all of the special qualities of your home make it to a listing and your listing gets vast exposure, to working with our exceptionally talented real estate attorney to finalize the closing process or handling probates and trusts, you will be glad you didn’t go anywhere else for professional realty services.

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