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Do you own a second home or investment property in The Villages® Communities and are interested in turning it into a vacation rental? Property management should be at the top of your list when considering this lucrative business opportunity and White Pelican will be your top option when considering vacation rental companies! When it comes to turnkey vacation rentals in The Villages® Communities, there is no company better suited or as experienced as us. Here are the top ten reasons why you should do business with White Pelican vacation rental property management:

1. Housekeeping

We employ our own housekeeping staff to keep our turnkey vacation rentals in tip top condition while your home is under our care. We provide a variety of concierge services to residents in The Villages® Communities outside of managing vacation home rentals so our staff is highly trained when it comes to the scrutiny of cleaning a home. You can count on our housekeeping crew to not only keep your home in impeccable condition in between renters but you can take comfort in knowing that only the highest of integrity and professional employees are staffed by us.

2. Maintenance Staff

When you invest in our vacation rental property management services, you can trust that all the little items that come up are taken care of as we also employ our own maintenance staff. While most vacation rental tenants are exceptionally respectful to your property during their stay, there is on the occasion when little mishaps come up such as a loose knob, light bulbs needing to be changed, A/C not working properly, the list goes on. While you are enjoying your time elsewhere, you can have peace of mind knowing that we are on it 24/7 for your tenants and these little things won’t stress you out when they arise.

3. Keyless Entry System

While our vacation home rentals are considered “turnkey vacation rentals” it is just a phrase since all of our vacation rentals have a complete keyless entry system installed. No keys are given out to your tenants so there’s no messy business of them getting lost or not being returned. Our keyless entry system is incorporated into our booking system. Once a tenant books and pays in full, they will receive a unique-to-their-stay code 30 days out from their arrival date so they can walk right in when they arrive. The keyless code will reset at 10 am on their departure day so from start to finish the tenant has a smooth check-in and check out experience without the hassle of keys.

4. 20% Commission of the True Rent Price

As a homeowner in The Villages® Communities, you are well aware of the unique fees that are associated with owning a property in the best retirement community in Florida. When renting out your second property as a vacation rental, there are a few more fees that are associated with this investment opportunity. Most of these fees such as taxes, cleaning fees, pet fees (if applicable), and booking fees are covered by the tenant. However, with White Pelican vacation rental property management, you as the homeowner are only responsible for a total of 20% of the fees. We are more than happy to explain this in further detail if you have any questions or concerns about this portion of fee management.

5. Clear Depiction of Your Property
With our vacation rental property management services, you can expect that your home will be advertised exceptionally well to encourage bookings. We promise to promote your vacation home rental with 25+ professional photographs and aerial drone photographs to give your future tenants the best idea of what your home is like before they book. These professional photographs will not only encourage tenants to book but there will be little to no confusion of what a property really looks or feels like when the vacation renter arrives.

6. Advertisement of Your Vacation Home Rental

Not only do we make your listing look irresistible to vacation renters, we also promote your property listing on over 200 international vacation rental sites. Now that’s exposure! We do our very best to get our turnkey vacation rentals in front of as many potential customers as possible all over the world. The Villages® Communities is internationally acclaimed for its shopping, dining, golfing, and Florida laid back lifestyle and it is a key attraction to many who want to vacation in Florida, so we make sure your property makes it on the map!

7. Homeowner Rental Software

We make it painless for our homeowners to stay involved financially. One of the best perks of our vacation rental property management services is our highly accessible online software for homeowners. This provides you with a detailed monthly statement at your convenience, whenever and wherever you are at. You can stay informed on your financial and investment gains on a monthly basis and really see the true value of our property management services.

8. E-Mail Booking Notifications

We handle all vacation rental bookings on our website for a very clean process start to finish, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of pulling out the date book every time you receive a call. Whenever your home is booked by a vacation renter, you will receive an email notification from our system letting you know the who, what, when, and where of it all. It really doesn’t get easier for you than that.

9. 24/7 Financial Details

While for some the monthly statement provided by our homeowner rental software is more than enough to satisfy their inquiries, there are many homeowners that love to stay more in touch with how well their rentals are doing and what financial returns they can expect on a more frequent basis. We meet those needs as well with our 24/7 web access for owners to view and access all the financial details associated with their property(s) and vacation rental property management services with White Pelican.

10. 24/7 Phonelines for Homeowners & Tenants

Having been in this business long enough, we know unexpected things happen. It’s the nature of vacation rentals! That’s why you can have true peace of mind knowing you can reach us at any time so we can address any immediate needs while we are managing your turnkey vacation rental. Both homeowners and vacation rental tenants can reach us on our 24/7 phone lines and we can address your or their immediate needs.


If these top 10 reasons didn’t provide all the answers you are looking for, please feel free to reach out to us by phone or submitting a contact form request on our site. Are you ready to get started with White Pelican’s vacation rental property management services? Fill out the form below with the details of your second or investment property in The Villages® Communities and one of our team members will reach out to you shortly!

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