Golf Cart Transportation

Without a vehicle to safely and securely bear the weight of your golf cart, transporting it from the cart dealership to the country club or when moving from one area to another could become an issue, and the friendly professionals at White Pelican are here to help with all your Golf Cart Transportation needs.

Golf Cart Transportation ServicesHere at White Pelican, we know that while golf carts are not particularly large vehicles, they still require special handling to avoid sustaining any damage during the transport.

Depending on our customer’s preference, we offer both enclosed container transport and open transport. For long distances or in situations where inclement weather needs to be considered, the enclosed transport option is usually preferred with extra care given to carefully secure the golf cart within the shipping container, particularly for overseas transports.

White Pelican also provides insurance for the duration of your golf cart transport, and we always offer complete price quotes upfront. All we ask is that you provide us with some quick details about the services you plan to utilize; the destination, origination and type of the cart (or carts) being transported; your preferred pickup and delivery dates, and your preferred method of payment.

We make the safe transport of your golf cart our number one priority and offer a streamlined process to save you time.

Are you stranded and just need a lift back home? Check out our Golf Cart Rescue services.

Please contact White Pelican at (352) 388-3738 or use our online contact form to request an appointment to see how we can help you with golf cart transportation in The Villages® Community!

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