A vacation rental is an individual or collectively owned single-family houses that can be advertised and rented out to the public several times a year. Booking a vacation home in The Villages® Communities is the best way to enjoy your vacation time or retirement while having fun in the sun. The Villages® Communities are special places that are a collection of picturesque retirement neighborhoods, town squares, shops, and restaurants situated in Florida’s heart.

Book a Vacation Rental in The Villages® Communities

The Villages, Florida and the surrounding areas have so much to offer, including theme parks, travel ports, recreational facilities, numerous social clubs, and activities that allow residents to live and relax. There are many perks and privileges you can enjoy when you book a vacation rental in The Villages. Learn how to find a rental, the best times to rent, how to pay, and our numerous vacation rental services.

How to Find Vacation Rentals in The Villages

Whether you want to learn something new or have an exceptional experience, there are endless Vacation Home Rentals to choose that suits your unique tastes and fit your budget. You can conveniently find and book a vacation rental property online. And using our automated systems, you can

  • View photos and/or videos of our available Vacation Home Rentals
  • Select the home you like
  • Pick the dates for your vacation in The Villages® Communities
  • Submit your payment information
  • Remit a 50% payment deposit when you make a booking and the final 50% payment 30 days before your arrival date
  • Access your receipts and correspondence

Once your booking is finalized, and the last bit of payment charged, you will receive directions and a keyless access code to your rental home.

Best Times to Book a Vacation Rental  

Book a Vacation Home Online

However, during the off-peak season, most vacation home rentals require a 3 to 5 day minimum stay booking. During the summer and fall months, the crowds are fewer, and you can get the best selection and prices.

The peak season for home rentals in The Villages® Communities runs from November to May every year. For this reason, there is a 30-day minimum stay requirement if you plan to book a vacation home anytime from January to May 1st. It can be harder to find a rental, and everything is more crowded during this season, including the golf courses and restaurants. If you plan to move to The Villages, FL full-time in the future, you may want to visit during the busy season before fully committing. Interested in making a move? Get started with our home buying process.

How Much Does a Vacation Rental in The Villages® Communities Cost?

The Villages is a 55+ active adult retirement community that gives you a chance to explore and enjoy everything you dream, want, or need to in your retirement years. Everything is fun and affordable, and only a golf cart ride away. As earlier mentioned, the prices of vacation rentalsin The Villages, FL vary depending on the season and based on primary demand and supply economics.

Other determinants of price include the size and age of a home. The bigger and newer it is, the more you are likely to pay. The location is also a significant determinant; thus, centrally located vacation rentals and the ones near the town squares are generally expected to cost more. The Villages’ unique lifestyle is offered at surprisingly affordable prices. The monthly cost of living varies depending on the size of your home, its type, usage, and how many people it can host.

For a monthly amenity fee of $162.00, you can indulge in

  • Free golf on executive courses
  • Sports pools
  • An upward of 2,000 organized activities weekly through the community parks and recreations
  • Pickleball, tennis, swimming, bocce, and other facilities conveniently located throughout The Villages
  • Fitness trails, waterfront parks, and fishing lakes
  • 24-hour community watch service

Perks of Booking Vacation Homes in The Villages, FL

Perks of Booking Vacation Homes in The Villages, FL

Enjoy Your Privacy 

Booking your vacation rental online before your visit means you find everything handled when you arrive. You can set your own pace for your stay to be relaxing and unique. Accessing your rental using the keyless access code ensures you won’t be bothered by either the homeowner or property management from check-in. However, if you need anything during your stay, we are only a phone call away.

Children are Allowed

The Villages® Communities understand you would want to have your kids and their kids come over to visit, so they allow children to stay in the community. What’s better, there are various intergenerational activities all year round that you can experience together during their visit. However, there is a 30-day consecutive day limit for visitors below the age of 18.

Security is Assured

Safety and security are assured throughout the community using a variety of services. These include house check and maintenance programs, Villages Public Safety Department (VPSD), gated entries, and Community watch. The Villages have low crime rates thanks to these services and the watchful eyes and close relationships among the neighbors.

Local and law enforcement offices protect the community. And the VPSD has Fire Department services conveniently located and promises quality service with quick response times.

Variety of Housing Options

There is a wide variety of home rental options with different floor plans, features, sizes, and prices. If you are planning to buy in the area, you can work with designers to customize your vacation rentals in a way that works for you. Looking for vacation rental property management service? We’ve got you covered! Whichever rental you choose to book, you will enjoy equal access to The Villages amenities and lifestyle.

Availability of Single-Specific Activities

Do not worry about being left out if you will be vacationing alone as there are more than 2,700 residential lifestyle groups in the community. Among them are over 130 different single-specific clubs, car clubs, creative clubs, and state clubs. You can expect to attend bowling, dinner events, golf, and other outdoor activities organized by the single-specific clubs.

Pet-friendly Community

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals in the Villages® Communities

Many of our vacation rentals in the Villages® Communities had you and your family in mind when they were planning. That’s why, the community features many pet-related resources, including dog parks, walking paths, emergency pet medical clinics, grooming parlors, and pet stores. What’s better, most local businesses allow dogs into their premises on a leash, and some have incorporated “dog menus.” There is even a dog bakery!

Housekeeping Services for Your Vacation Rental

The icing on the cake is that you do not need to worry about cleaning and home maintenance while living staying in your vacation homeWhitePelican is a renowned company that provides housekeeping and maintenance services to many tenants and landlords of The Village® Communities and the surrounding areas.

Housekeeping Services During Your Stay

We provide quality service that comprises residential and commercial cleaning, home maintenance, rental property management, and professional real estate services when buying or selling a home. Our expert property management team will manage bookings, payment, security, and cleaning, all honestly and professionally. We also offer 24-hour emergency services in case anything comes up out of the blue.

Finally, we offer a variety of other high-quality concierge services that assure your safety and comfort. We have golf cart rescue and golf cart transportation services that ensure you never feel stranded. We will handle both pick-ups and deliveries for you.

Enjoy Your Vacation Rental 

Living in The Villages, FL is an unbeatable and incomparable experience. Just imagine yourself taking a calming stroll down one of the many walking trails, feeling the cool breeze, or enjoying an afternoon in the golf course with new friends. Nothing beats relaxing in your vacation rental in The Villages® Communities. Book your vacation home today!